Mind Farm Tutors offers full-time tuition, as well as task and test invigilation to learners from Grade RR-12.
We strongly believe in the value of personalised attention between the tutor and learner. The small classes allow a good relationship to develop between the tutor and the learner as well as the tutor and the parents. With constant updates on progress, areas of concern and communication between home and tutoring, your child will be able to receive the support, encouragement and security they need to grow to their full potential.We believe that learning should be fun. Every child learns differently, thus our aim is to provide careful individual attention to all learners.

The centre replaces the ordinary overcrowded classroom with an open environment and one-on-one attention to learners. The small tutor to learner ratio reduces the learners stress levels and creates an environment learners look forward to and feel comfortable to express themselves.


Parents have the opportunity to pick the recognised curriculum provider, which is best suited to their child.


Tuition is offered for all subjects: Gr RR-12
Tuition is held in multi-grade classrooms, with grades split according to phases:


Fees Payable

The homeschooling curriculum provider's fees are independent to the fees payable for tuition.


R 4000 / Per month
  • Tuition in all subjects from 08:00-13:00
  • Invigilating all tasks and tests
  • Printing and Stationery for all subjects

Terms and Holidays:

Terms and holidays are purely based on each individual learner’s needs.Every curriculum provider is different and has specific dates that tasks and tests must be submitted and cannot be altered, however tuition for the content of each subject is flexible.

Tutoring Hours:

There are various options for tuition that can be considered. These are basic options based on school level hours, however hours can be added or subtracted based on how much contact time each learner requires.Learners have the opportunity to decide that they only require tuition for some subjects, while they self-study other subjects.

Exclusive facilities

Learning in a safe and comfortable environment

Learning in a safe and comfortable environment



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